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2014 March

Wow! First Glance @ the Floor Plan

     March 28, 2014 7 Comments

Can you believe we got our floor plan back from KRN Residential Design already? I thought the design process would take a lot longer but it turns out Kelly and his team were excited to get started on our design and finished the first draft in 3 business days. We are very impressed with their…

KRN Residential Design (to the rescue!)

     March 25, 2014 4 Comments

I love looking at house plans. Some people think it’s a headache, but I like to imagine a layout, furniture placement and small details. Very rarely though do I find a floor plan that I like without making any changes. There’s always one room that is too small, or a wall that I think should…

MS Paint Me A Floorplan

     March 20, 2014 0 Comments

It’s not a secret that I get really excited about new projects and ideas. It’s also not a secret that I can get carried away very easily. As soon as we started talking about a house project, I jumped onto the internet to look at houses for sale. We didn’t know if we were going…

Welcome to House Trade Built! (Start Here!)

     March 18, 2014 2 Comments

How many times have you ever heard the phrase, “I’ll trade you?” How many times did the person wanting to trade with you have something you wanted in return? Traditional trading is hard, time-consuming and risky. It could take you many, many, hours to track down someone who is willing to trade with you and…