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+2’6″= Huge Difference

     April 7, 2014 0 Comments

Ever have one of those moments when everything clicks and falls into place? Light bulbs go off and suddenly everything makes sense? Angels can be heard singing in the background? Our “Ah-Ha!” moment wasn’t quite like that, but what we did realize will make a huge difference with our floor plan.

Kelly and his team at KRN Residential Design planned the house to be within the specified square footage we had discussed at our meeting, which was 1800 sq ft. Dan said 1800… I said it had to start with 18, which meant that anything up to 1899 would be okay. The team listened and gave us exactly what we had asked for – a plan that was 1880 sq ft. ¬†However, in order to achieve the square footage we’d asked for but still have decent sized rooms and a good flow, the house had to be squeezed in.The width of the house is currently 29’6″.

original width

Most lots that we’ve looked at (strongly considering a lot in the north end!) have been 40′ wide. The building guidelines for the area we are considering is to have a minimum of 4′ on each side of the property line, meaning a 40′ wide lot can accommodate a 32′ wide house.

Are you seeing where I’m headed with this?

After a few conversations with a lot of justifying and persuasion, Dan agreed with me that the house should be 32′ wide. In an area where all the houses are so close to each other, you may as well take advantage of the space you’re rightfully allowed (if it’s in the budget, of course). Having the extra space in the side yard would be useless since we’d have a house on either side of us, anyways. ¬†So once we re-examined our budget, we decided to go ahead with this change. The space we gain from this change will allow for a dramatic change to the master ensuite… I think! I played around with the floor plan in paint (I know, I know… there are much better programs out there) and I think we can move the stairs to create a larger ensuite space.

32 foot change

The red arrows are showing the shift and the rectangles show where I’d like the extra space to be added. We’re meeting with KRN Residential Design soon, and I’ll let you know what happens!

Have you worked with a design firm before for a floor plan? Do you love open concept or traditional defined rooms? Are you working on a renovation? Tell us what you’re working on, we want to hear about it!

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