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Meet Lauren and Dan Benesh

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Hey! Welcome to our little corner of the internet. We’re Lauren and Dan, and we live in Regina, Saskatchewan. This page has been created to document the incredible journey we are embarking on: building a house with barter. You probably think we sound crazy by taking on what seems to be impossible, but really, we’re just letting you in on a little secret of ours: trading works. ┬áTo elaborate, trading works when the right tools are implemented. The right tool is a company called Tradebank Regina, and more information can be found here.

We were both born and raised in Regina and have learned to love the thriving community in which we live. It’s easy to be blinded by the big lights, huge signs and deep discounts a box store offers, but it’s important to remember that it’s the small locally owned businesses that keep our communities vibrant and full of life. By working with these local business owners, we appreciate the hard work that goes into running a successful business. We do our best to support these local businesses in both our professional and personal lives. Whether it’s picking up produce from a local organic store, ordering meat from a local farmer or shopping for clothing at the small boutique; every dollar kept in our community matters.

Throughout our journey of building a company and expanding a network, we’ve met some incredible business owners and charitable organizations. We just thought it was time that we let you know about them, too. Be sure to view the Company Profiles page to see who we are working with, the Contest page to see what’s up for trade and the Blog to follow our day-to-day progress on the House Trade Built. Last stop: check out the Charity page to learn more about how we are giving back to Charities in our community.

Click here to read our very first blog post, or here to contact us if you’d like more information.