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Back on Track

     April 17, 2014 0 Comments

After careful review and consideration, we decided to stick with the city. We loved the idea of building in the country but with too many unknown variables (cost to landscape a huge property, cost to upgrade the house to fit into the neighbourhood, future amenities)  we decided it wasn’t right for this project. Now that we know we’re sticking with the city, we can proceed with the floor plan changes. There are plenty of properties in the city that are 40′ wide which means we’re comfortable adjusting our floor plan to be 32′ wide, even before we own an actual property.

We met with Kelly and his team at KRN Residential Design today to get everyone back on the same page. They were happy we decided to change the width of the house because it gave them more opportunity to include design elements they couldn’t before. For example, they want to change the stairs between the foyer and the main floor to be at a larger angle so that it’s more open to the middle of the floor. This is something Dan and I didn’t even notice, so we’re glad that they’re looking out for us!  They were also happy to work on a different bathroom layout for both the Jack and Jill and the ensuite. With the additional square footage, I’m sure they’ll come up with something amazing.

Now we just need to decide on an area of the city. Yeesh. These decisions are tough.


Do you like the idea of living in the country? Do you currently live in the country? 

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