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     November 10, 2014 0 Comments

Once the floor cap was on the foundation, Bergen Excavation came in with a backhoe and completed the backfill. The cap on the foundation (floor truss system) and the increased strength of the foundation walls from the vertical rebar creates a locked system to support the weight of the dirt. Thousands of pounds of dirt are backfilled against the foundation walls.


This huge piece of machinery pushes and moves the dirt into the gap around the house. The weight of the machine is then used to compact the dirt.



Now that we have dirt against the house, we are ready for the grade beam! Safrane Construction was back on site and outlined the grade beam in spray paint. They also marked where the piles are so that Bergen Excavating can drill in the right spots. One day at a time…. we’re getting closer to framing!

blue paint

When you consider all of the work that goes into building a house, it gives you a new appreciation for these professionals. Take what we’ve done to date as an example – one company comes in, does their work, and the other company comes in. They go back and forth, back and forth, until it’s complete. Communication between these two companies is needed, as well as scheduling and flexibility so that everyone can be on time. It also goes to show though, how one small mistake (the beam) leads to weeks of delays because everyone’s schedule gets thrown off. It’s certainly a learning experience, and one that we are grateful for.

Have you built a house? What kind of delays did you run into? 



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