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Basement Prep

     March 16, 2015 0 Comments

There is finally some heat in the house! To prepare the basement floor for concrete, the frost level in the ground had to be broken which meant we needed a lot of heat! Bouss Construction was on site preparing the basement for concrete and the first step was to keep the heat (generated by a propane heater) in the house. Hoarding was put up on the stairway to keep as much warm air as possible in the basement.


It’s important to thaw the dirt and frost in the ground so that once the ground warms up in the spring, it doesn’t shift and crack your concrete.

hoarding 3

There was quite a bit of snow in the basement but the heater took care of it quickly. There was also some construction debris that was removed to clear the area for leveling.

Bouss Construction will be back soon to level off the ground. We’re one step closer to having a finished basement!

In the meantime..

hoarding 2

(But feel free to sneak onto the stairs to warm up!)



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