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Basement Plan Decision – Trust the Pros!

     October 30, 2014 0 Comments
We truly appreciate our business relationship with Mike Beatch, a real estate professional, and his wife Laura who works for a large home builder in Regina, because of the property advice they give us. Anytime we have a question about the property like how to best maximize resale value or decisions regarding the floor plan to appeal to the majority of people, Mike and Laura have no qualms about helping us out. We thought we would pass their most recent advice along to you regarding the  basement plan just in case you’re in the same position we are with building a house or doing a renovation.  

Dan and Lauren sent Laura and I a copy of their basement development plan to get our feedback on which of the two plans we thought would be best for resale. With my real estate background and Laura’s experience as a new homes sales expert, we both see a lot of houses and a lot of different floor plans. Additionally, our clients don’t hesitate to let us know what they do and do not like.

The problem with Dan and Lauren’s two options was that they were both really good! We could not say that one would be significantly better than the other for resale because in this case it will totally be a matter of preference for a home owner. For some, two bedrooms in the basement are a must: maybe you frequently have guests, or maybe you need to turn the basement into a teenage dungeon. For others, a large entertainment area best suits their lifestyle.

My biggest suggestion for their plan was to make the second storage room a bit smaller. Storage is important, but the mechanical room is huge and I think that you can add shelving there to maximize on living space in the rest of the basement. In the end, the one bedroom option was my favourite because I think it was the smartest use of space. The games area is wide open, and I preferred the wet bar set back into the wall because I think it will allow for better flow in the space, greater symmetry, and it doesn’t take any floor space away from the main area. I can envision this as being a great space to have a party, so I wanted there to be lots of room for guests to move around without feeling cramped. We also need to make sure that people can line up for a perfect shot in pool. I love that Dan and Lauren took care to tuck the bathroom away; it’s so much more comfortable for guests to go down a short hall to use the bathroom than it is to have a bathroom door that opens right off the main area.

Whichever option Dan and Lauren choose, this entire project is going to result in a beautiful house. You don’t often see someone put this much love and attention into a project, and I can’t wait to walk through the house when it’s done!


Update: we decided to take Mike and Laura’s advice, and YOUR advice from our Facebook post, and went with the one bedroom option. We put the options on the website and Facebook as a “This or That” post, and the answer was crystal clear. 

Mike Beatch is a Regina realtor with the JC Realty team at Royal LePage. You can find more information about him on his business profile page on this website.

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