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Carpet Install

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     May 25, 2015 0 Comments

It’s install day! The carpet install will take two days to complete, and here’s day one.

Parkland Carpet One dropped off the underlay and materials needed for the install job. We went with a nice cushy underlay because it will make the carpet feel that much better under foot.


The installers began the process by scraping away any dried mud on the floor boards to ensure a flat and clean install. Next, tack strips were installed.

tack strips

Notice anything different? The railings also got painted!

painted railing

Once the tack strips were all on, the installers were able to lay the carpet. I’m loving this carpet. It’s a new line from the Tigressa brand and available at Parkland Carpet One. It can be ordered as a wall-to-wall carpet, or an area rug. It comes in a lot of different colours and patterns too, which is nice, but best of all – it’s SO soft.

stair carpet

I know it’s hard to see since it’s covered in plastic and paper, but we wanted to make sure it was well protected since we’re still in the middle of construction. Once we get all that plastic taken off, the ‘after’ pictures will be posted!

The installers will be back for day #2 which includes the basement carpet install and basement stairs. It’s such a great feeling to see finishing products going into the house. Up until now, everything has just felt like a step towards the final product, but this is it – a real finishing detail!

To see how soft this carpet is in person, check out the Parkland Carpet One showroom located at 1600 8th Avenue in Regina, SK.

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