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Sound Solar Systems

Java Post Fly By

     March 4, 2015 0 Comments

To celebrate the big day of installing solar panels on the roof, we had Java Post Productions come out and do a fly by with their drone. These videos are great because it highlights the progress of the house, the developing area and can be used as marketing materials for the companies caught on camera!…

I have the POWER!!!!!!!

     March 3, 2015 0 Comments

(Note: Dan named this blog post, not me. It’s from He-Man 1987…) Anyway, back on track.. We were pumped to see DC-10 Systems and Sound Solar Systems up on the roof installing the solar panels! It was the highlight of our week. First step was getting up on the roof. The crew set up a…

Up on the Roof!

     February 24, 2015 0 Comments

This was a very busy day at the house. We had four different companies at the house, all working together. First, Canridge Roofing was on site to get started on the shingling! First step was laying down a paper/ice membrane. This membrane acts as a back-up to the shingles to┬áprevent water from seeping through to…

Framing: Part 9

     January 13, 2015 0 Comments

The house is almost a house. Yep – the roof is going on! We’ve been in a state of shock since we realized that the house is nearing lock up. Just a few more steps, and the house will be weather-proof. To get there, the roof needs to be completed, windows and doors installed and…

Solar panels? No-brainer.

     August 20, 2014 10 Comments

Alright, so I think it’s time to explain why I chose to entertain a solar panel quote and why in the end, it ended up being such an easy decision for our build. First of all, I am going to go out on a limb here and start a new trend: I don’t hate the…