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Window Coverings


Blinds By DB has been in business for over five years now. We started in Regina in 2009 to handle the big renovation boom with the Home Renovation Tax Credit. Back then we were known as DB Exteriors and More! However, when more of our clients wanted window coverings with their windows, we switched our business to be primarily window coverings to meet the burgeoning demand while being able to work all year round, rain or shine.

We deal exclusively in window coverings – high quality and completely custom for your home. Our products not only have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, they also come with a lifetime of service from us. We don’t plan on going anywhere, so in the rare event of a problem with a blind, we’re here to help. Call us up and we’ll be over there within 5 minutes… give or take three days.

We are the only blinds supplier in all of Canada who can order custom blinds featuring Walt Disney characters. In addition to this, we can offer any standard type of blind that you’ll find through any other company. We also have a product called Slumbershade that has a track with a blackout blind that blocks 99% of all light coming into the room. It’s truly astounding and then no need for heavy curtains.

Dan Benesh has owned and run this company for most of its existence. Within the past year, James Benesh has apprenticed and eventually taken over the day-to-day operations. This business was Dan’s baby right from the start. It became a necessity to transition it over to James once other things began to take priority, such as Tradebank Regina, and, well…. Dan’s baby.

Both Dan and James actually have their masters in BAWC (Blinds and Window Coverings) from the American Home Fashions Institute (IAHF). Just kidding. We’re completely self-trained blinds experts.

Blinds by DB is a completely home-based business. This is how we’re able to offer high quality blinds at fairer prices. No fancy store front with neon lights and a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. Those things cost big bucks.

Our clients are our best sales reps for us though. The testimonials we’ve received from our customers (posted on our site) are all the recognition we need. However, we were recently featured in Fine Lifestyles Mangazine’s “Best of the Best” issue. We also are a Tradebank Regina member since day 1, and get involved with the public through offerings of promotions and giveaways on our Facebook page!

For more information about Blinds by DB, visit our website or call (306) 596-8487 to schedule a free quote.

What is your favourite restaurant in Regina? My favourite is 13th Avenue Coffee House, for its vegetarian-friendly menu.

Where is your favourite place to hang out in Regina? Yonique Frozen Yogourt

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? Dolphin, mainly because I would prefer to remain as intelligent as possible if I have to become an animal.

What is your favourite vacation spot (or type of vacation spot)? As a family man, I have no choice but to name Disney World here.

What would your dream home look like? I try not to desire too much, it’s not good for you or your finances. My perfect home would be the one I’m now, with a few minor upgrades and renovations.

Why is supporting local business important to you? I like to think big picture. Supporting local business means you’re supporting multinational, multi billion dollar companies like Wal-Mart less, and that’s good for everyone. More selfishly, if I spend locally and foster the mindset that it’s a good thing to do, others will spend locally… with our company!

What attracted you to the House Trade Built project? Well, Dan’s my brother, so there’s that…. but seriously, this is the coolest project ever undertaken in construction here in Regina. It would be foolish not to be involved if the chance arises.