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DC-10 Systems has been in operation for a year, owned and operated by Byron and Nathan. They are an electrical contractor, which means they can do everything from full-scale electrical to small renovations and repairs. They supply and service both commercial and residential. They are a one stop shop for electrical work, network cabling, and home audio and automation.

Byron and Nathan are both Journeyman Electricians and have many years of experience working as electricians on countless commercial and residential projects including restaurant construction, warehouses, schools, generators, automated lighting systems, etc.

Nathan worked as a site supervisor for most of his electrical career prior to starting DC-10, and has the knowledge that is required to run a crew effectively and efficiently. His organization and communication is unprecendented when it comes to dealing with problems that arise and relaying the necessary information back to their suppliers, the other contractors involved, and his own crew members.  A couple of notable and unique jobs Nathan has been the site supervisor for are a new generator in downtown Regina with automatic load transfer and a large scale fully-automated commercial lighting system by Lutron, as well as countless restaurants, mini-malls, etc.

Byron worked as a commercial journeyman electrician for 6 years prior to starting DC-10 where he acquired experience in many aspects of the trade ranging from intelligent fire alarm, wiring in million-square-foot warehouses, security systems, and everything in between. Additionally, prior to entering the electricial trade, Byron spent several years working in the audio industry, and continues to do so. He has experience with audio system installations ranging from small-scale house audio all the way up to hockey arenas and stadiums. Byron is actually one of two audio technicians who operates the audio system for all events at Mosaic Stadium including the Roughrider games. As a side note, he’s also worked as a sound tech for live bands, a recording engineer (he has several albums under his belt as a producer and engineer).  If there is anyone who appreciates good quality sound, and knows how to achieve it, it’s him.

Their combined experience and skill-set that goes beyond what is normally viewed as the traditional scope of work for electricians. Their basic goal is to be knowledgeable in any and all areas that involve wiring. Whether it be a traditional electrical installation, a more complex control system, or an audio system.

If you’d like more information on their services or to get a quote of your own, please visit Mention the House Trade Built project so they know how you found out about them. Thanks for reading!

We also asked them some fun questions:

What is your favourite restaurant in Regina? Boston Pizza on Quance St. The food is hot and the drinks are cold. Great service every time.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? I would be an electric eel.

What is your favourite vacation spot? Jamaica or Las Vegas

What does your dream house look like? Something with a 3-car garage.

Why is supporting local business important to you? Because local businesses should be formed and supported from their communities with monies collected (taxes and such) going back into the community. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our city.

What attracted you to the House Trade Built project? We’ve been members of Tradebank for about 4 months. We realized early on that Tradebank is a good source of advertising, and a way of networking with other tradespeople. I like the idea of trades working together to build a home and have trades spotlighted “under the same roof”. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product and having my sign there as a supplier to this build when people walk through the showhome. As a new business, it is a fantastic way to get our name and services out to the people of Regina, and a great way to get to know and network with other trades and contractors from throughout the city.