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Pearl Hardware is a one-stop shop for all things beautiful related to home outfitting. They carry an extensive line of high quality and unique products. From lighting to kitchen and bathroom fixtures, décor and accent furniture, there is something for everyone who is doing a renovation or new build.

Our individualized client packages, tailored specifically to our clients’ specialty needs, budget and unique style set us apart from the competition. We help clients find what they truly love, and that makes us unique. We provide consults and appointments to help educate our clients on every aspect of their project. We also encourage them to get as many opinions as they can and to talk to other local groups. Whether a project is a new build or renovation, we provide excellent construction packages; We outfit entire homes with plumbing and lighting. To sum it all up, we help clients successfully outfit and complete their projects, and they are ecstatic with the end result.

We have some of the most unique and respected product lines in the industry. We are Regina’s rep for CAML-TOMLIN tubs, one of the best tub brands in the world. We have faucets from Graff, Grohe and Huntington Brass, to name a few. We also bring authentic tile and limestone in straight from the quarry in Italy.

Our focus is on high quality products that are aesthetically pleasing – we want to sell the coolest products and the best quality. One of the other great things about our products is that they are available in all price ranges! The most common misconception about Pearl Hardware is that we only sell luxury products. That is simply not true. In fact, we often get told that our pricing is better in comparison to our competitors!

Pearl Hardware has been in business for two years. Our staff have over 15 years combined construction experience and 23 years of plumbing experience. We know home outfitting.

For beautiful products unlike any other, visit the Pearl Hardware website or their showroom located at 1275 Broad Street in Regina, Saskatchewan.

We also asked Pearl Hardware some fun questions…

What is your favourite restaurant in Regina? The Caraway Grill

Where is your favourite place to hang out in Regina? Wascana Park

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? A lion, so majestic!

What is your favourite vacation spot (or type of vacation spot)? Rome, Italy – stunning

What would your dream home look like? Big, beautiful French Country home

Why is supporting local business important to you? Because local businesses are the heart of our community. Saskatchewan is built on local businesses, we want to support that cause as much as we can!

What attracted you to the House Trade Built project? Collaborating with other local businesses! We really believe in working together with our counterparts, and trade is something that’s beneficial for all of us. It’s fun, it’s friendly and we all have something to gain.