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I have been involved in masonry of some sort since I was 13 years old. My father had a Masonry business that I worked for. Other than a ten year stint with what was once the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool/Ag Pro/ Viterra, masonry has been my life.
I started Paul Prinz Masonry about 15 years ago. Traditional masonry which I still gladly do but also manufactured stone has become 80% of my business. I deal primarily with Timberstone and Eldorado products but as has been the running joke among masons, “A good Bricklayer will lay anything”. I have been a red seal interprovincial journeyman since about 1986.
My work is primarily located in Moose Jaw where I live but my suppliers are in Regina. I gladly serve communities such as Moose Jaw, Weyburn, Regina, Buffalo Pound and will gladly consider other locations if financially feasible, ie: minimum square feet of work needed.
I don’t have a web page but do have a Facebook page, Paul Prinz Masonry which showcases a small history of my work.
What’s your favourite restaurant? Restaurants, I love them all. Moose Jaw folk gladly take the 35 minute drive into Regina for a good meal. I like Michi, Table Ten, Siam, Bushwakker.
What’s your favourite place to hang out in Regina? Fave mall is the Cornwall. Love Winners. Always grab a Starbucks green teal latte at the Chapters location before heading back to Moose Jaw.
If you were an animal, which would you be? Typically being an eagle or dolphin sounds cool but being a well treated house dog seems the way to go. My dog has a great life. 🙂
What’s your favourite type of vacation? I like urban vacations(Chicago, Vegas, Montreal) and white sandy beaches.
What does your dream house look like? I always though my dream house would be a sprawling ranch house but am now torn between a huge mountain lodge type or an exposed brick loft in the big city which reminds me I need to buy my lottery ticket for tonight.
Why is supporting local business important to you? I support local business and also business’s that suffered through years of Saskatchewan recession like I did. I am wary of fly by night. Professional reputation is important to me.
What attracted you to the House Trade Built project? The house that trade built would be an opportunity to showcase my work in a showhome sort of setting.