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Solar Energy


Sound Solar Systems has been in operation since, April 2010. Our company is an authentic Saskatchewan business built from the ground up!  We love building relationships with our clients and employees and we are committed to shaping the Saskatchewan renewable energy industry. Our services include renewable energy design & installation, professional industry expertise, consulting & maintenance for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

We offer Grid-Tie/Off-Grid Power Generation Systems, Solar Thermal (Water & Air) & Sun Country (EV) electric vehicle charging stations, Energy saving products such as LED Lighting and Energy Monitoring Systems.

At Sound Solar, clients can expect your investment to provide you the “Solar Advantage”. Our solar powered systems are “built-to-last”, using state of the art technology, and we offer the best warranties and provide you free online monitoring for the next 25 years.

We specialize in solar energy technology and it is much more than the traditional solar panel and battery set up. Sound Solar has options for grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems to solar street lighting and even solar heating.

As a 2013 Saskatchewan Volta Award Finalist, our company understands the importance of environmental sustainability. Whether a new build or retrofit, Sound Solar has energy options for all lifestyles and budgets.

We have many partnerships with likeminded local businesses, educational and social causes, and ensure that we take the time to communicate the importance of solar electricity for the province of Saskatchewan. We support our local community including Kronau Heritage Museum Association, both through personal and corporate donations.

For more information about Sound Solar Systems, visit their website at
What is your favorite restaurant in Regina?
The Keg or Earls

Where is your favorite place to hang out in Regina?
Wascana Park

What is your favorite vacation spot (or type of vacation spot)?
Camping, anywhere

What would your dream home look like?
It would have enough south facing roof space to power my home and my
electric car.

Why is supporting local business important to you?
Local businesses invest in the community’s future and serve as the
economic base of impact for everyone..

What attracted you to the House Trade Built project?
Sustainable home building.