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Trading is fun! We love our jobs because every day is different. We’re always setting up new deals, meeting new people and helping business owners stretch their budgets and earn new business.

Trading has been around for a long time. The general rule of thumb is that an item is traded for another item of equal value.  “Value” would be determined by a number of factors including true retail value, emotional value and demand.

Traditional trading has it’s challenges because it’s sometimes difficult to find someone wanting what you have, and you wanting what they have. It takes a lot of time, searching and risk. It can also be fun though. Sometimes you have to negotiate, sell your product and convince the other person to take you up on your offer.

Are you ready for some fun?

Throughout this project we will be putting goods and services up for trade. All you have to do is play by the rules. Submit pictures and stories telling us what you have to offer in return for the product or service you’re ‘bidding’ on.  It might be a small prize, or a huge one. We’ve got a lot of neat prizes coming your way, all from local companies.

Our first contest has ended, but keep checking back here for details as we launch more contests. You should also find us on Twitter and Facebook to ensure you receive all the updates.

Update September 16: Our second contest has started! Tell us what you would trade us for a $500 Gift Card to the Rider Store!


Good luck!