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$100 Suds GC: Ended 09/05/14

Our very first TRADE FOR IT contest has started!

We’re excited to run this fun contest that will repeat throughout this project. We’re going to post items or services and leave it to you to tell us what you would trade for it!  We’re going to start off small and then build up the awesome-factor of the prizes as we get further into this project.


First up:  $100 SUDS GIFT CARD

Need to have your vehicle cleaned inside and out? Bring it over to Suds Full Service Car Wash and let their team make your vehicle shine.



  1. Send me your offer to
  2. No money! We don’t want cash. Think of things like other gift cards, household items, sporting goods, drawings and art, electronics, tools, or even services.  The key to a successful trade is offering something of relatively equal value.

Once we get the offers in, we’ll select a handful of the best and post them on the Blog. It will be interesting to see what people are coming up with. On September 30th, we’ll select the winner and make a deal.


We’ve started to collect offers on our Facebook Page. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been offered so far.


September 5: Update!

We decided to close this contest and take up the offer of the antique chair. Stay tuned for another contest… we’re pretty excited that we broke ground today with Bergen Excavating, and want to celebrate!