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Custom Closets

     May 12, 2015 0 Comments

Who doesn’t love a good closet? One that’s organized, has drawers and shelves and more than just the traditional single hanging rod. I know whenever I walk through a new showhome, I’m always peeking in the closets to see what’s inside. Did the builder pay attention to detail and create a functional closet? Is it amazing? Is it big enough for him and her or would he need to find a space for a dresser? Haha

When we designed the floor plan of this house with KRN Residential Design, we made the call to have the master closet be a walk-through area to the ensuite. We also knew the master closet would need some great cabinetry to make it functional and beautiful!

This is where Simply Stowed came into the picture. We met Bill, the local owner, at the house to show him the closets we had and asked him to create some storage solutions for us. The closets we wanted to customize included the two children’s closets, the master closet and the closet located in the foyer. We realized there was a lack of storage on the main floor for kleenex/paper towel/stuff so figured that by adding a shelf or something to the foyer closet, we can address this issue.

Bill Dan

Bill took the closet measurements and sent us back some pretty great renderings.

closet renderings

Pretty great for a first draft! I loved the built-in jewellery shelves and mini-iron in the master closet. We just had a few changes to make and the designs would be pretty much perfect.

master closet rendering

We decided that we didn’t need 4 hanging rods on each side of the closet and would prefer more drawers for things that are annoying to hang like tank tops, pjs, etc.  I thought it would be more practical if a set of drawers replaced one of the quadrants below and a top quadrant changed to shelving for baskets.

The great thing about this product is that anything can be done!  I sent my requests to Bill and a few days later had an updated rendering and quote. There are a couple more tweaks to make, but I’ll share those updates with you soon. We also have to decide on colour, handles and door styles.

For more information about Simply Stowed, be sure to check out their company profile.

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