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Driveway and walkway complete! And WOW!

     December 11, 2015 0 Comments

Since we had such a great experience with Safrane Construction for our foundation, we decided to use them as well for our driveway and walkways. Brant came out and measured one week, we confirmed, and then two weeks later over a span of two days, the crew of Safrane prepped, poured, and finished almost 800 square feet of concrete. Prepping included bringing in base and tamping it down, then adding rebar for strength and tying it into the house to avoid shifting.


At the last minute, we decided that we wanted to add a long walkway beside the house and a short one at the front to easily accommodate deliveries and guests. Thankfully they were able to make the changes and keep the square footage price exactly the same. We were very impressed with their work and they come highly recommended by us.


You will note that we had to make a really odd driveway shape at the end to jive with city bylaws about driveways on corners in relation to “sight lines”. Once we get our landscaping, we will add some bricks or something there and everything should be fine. It’s really coming along and I can’t wait until we get our garage doors and fence. That will really spruce (or cedar) everything up nicely!

paving 3

paving 2


The other cool thing about Safrane is you can use their new website quoting tool to pick your style and give your square footage, and it will give you a price immediately! Click submit and someone will contact you to book in a face-to-face quote. Get a quote right now by clicking here.

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