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Driveway prep, stairs and more!

     February 3, 2015 0 Comments

It was a busy day at the house!

Part of excavating (digging the hole for the house) includes proper grading of the entire property to make sure water doesn’t drain back into the foundation. Bergen Excavating was on site today delivering a load of base 32 fill to grade the driveway. Creating a compact slope at the right angle is incredibly important to ensure proper drainage. Ever have rain water drain back into the house? It’s not a fun situation.

dump truckdump truck 2


A bobcat was used to move the dirt around. The dirt was pushed up, and then pulled back to create a flat surface.

driveway 2

A bit of the fill comes into the garage just so that the exterior driveway is flush with the garage footing. Before more fill was brought in for the inside of the garage, Bergen brought in a layer of clay to level the base, followed by more base 32 fill.

The weight and treads of the bobcat push the dirt down, ensuring a compact driveway. There will be a final grade before concrete is poured, but that won’t happen until Spring once the snow has gone and the temperatures warm up. More fill will also be required around the rest of the house to make sure the house is on a hill, so to speak, and not in a big puddle.

Bouss Construction will be doing the preparation work and pouring the concrete pads for both the basement and garage. We’re looking forward to having the concrete flatwork completed so that the garage may be converted to a short-term office space while the house is open to the public as a Show Home.

In other news, the stairs were delivered today! Manny and his crew (Limitless Construction) will be installing these in the next day or so. I’m excited to be able to go up to the second floor for a better peek! One journey up and down that huge ladder was enough for me. A little birdie told us the giant window for the bonus room will also be installed in the next day!


We also met with Kelly and Sola from KRN Residential Design at the house today. They wanted to stop by and take a look around at the house they designed. It would be such a fun part of the job to see something you’ve designed on paper become a real product.


We’re looking forward to seeing all the progress over the next few days! It seems every day there is something new going on.

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