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Fireplace: wood or gas?

     August 26, 2014 0 Comments

Which do you prefer: a gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace?











We went with a Regency gas fireplace from Wheatland Fireplace for the House Trade Built. Wheatland Fireplace is a Saskatchewan company that sells, services and installs high-quality fireplaces, hot tubs, barbecues (bbq), grills and smokers from industry leading manufacturers. For more information about this locally owned company, check out their company profile.

The picture below is the fireplace we chose. It’s the Regency Bellavista B36XTCE model. The fireplace itself doesn’t have much of a frame. It allows you to frame the fireplace with whatever stone/tile you’d like. I’m picturing this fireplace with a nice stone frame and bookshelves on either side. What do you think?

We will be getting the stone from Timberstone. I went to their website and found a few options.

stone option

I’m leaning towards the white quartzite. If we go with stone, the entire fireplace section up to the ceiling would be stone.

Alternatively, we could use a smooth tile, and then have a wood mantle built around it, like this picture from Pinterest.


These are interesting options as well. If we went with the option on the left, the darker colour could match the kitchen island colour to balance the spaces.  Or, maybe we go for a built-in bookshelf on one side and beautiful artwork on the other side of the fireplace, like the picture on the right. I’m going to have to consult with Anex Interiors on this one, for sure. 








What are your thoughts on fireplaces? Gas or wood burning? Do you like having the TV over the fireplace, beside it, or none at all? Do you like open book shelves or artwork? What types of decor would you showcase on your mantle? If you’ve got a space like this and have done an amazing job at decorating it, I’d love to see it. Your space could be featured on the Blog! Contact me at for more information.


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