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Framing: Part 3

     December 16, 2014 0 Comments

Yesterday I went over step#1 and step #2 in the framing process. Let’s go over step #3, shall we?

Step #3: Main floor interior walls

Manny and his crew from Limitless Construction were on site and built the interior walls within a couple of days. The main floor interior walls need to be put up before the main floor support beam can be installed. The support beam is needed to carry the weight of the floor trusses for the second floor.

It was really cool to see the interior walls go up. We were finally seeing our design being put together before our very eyes. We could see how the walk-thru pantry actually looked and get an appreciation of it’s size. This photo is looking from the kitchen through the pantry to the garage entry door. Entry will be via pocket doors. The pantry will have shelving along the straight wall (to the left) and deep shelving in the nook on the right.

garage door through pantry

The mudroom, main floor bathroom and broom closet were also framed. All of the walls that were framed can be seen in the picture below (bolded). That’s about it for the main floor! The rest is open concept, so the job was quick and easy when it comes to framing.

main floor framing

Once the main floor was framed, we called Myl Hi Plumbing and Heating to come in and make sure that all the correct areas were left for plumbing and heating to go from the basement to the upper floor, but it was way too early to have them out. They were very polite and told us to get them back out again in a week or so. It was definitely minus 40 this day too, with snow blowing everywhere, and I dragged them out at 8am. I really felt bad about that one! Sorry guys… (by the way, “I” = Dan ;))

The coolest part of standing in the main floor of the house was looking at the outlines of the windows in the main living area and dining area. You can see the dining room windows in the picture below. There are three of them in each area (living room and dining room), and they are huge.

windows dining room

When we were in the design process, we originally said “no” to the huge windows and preferred a traditional picture window. However, our designer from KRN Residential Design encouraged us to look at new showhomes and consider the trend of installing large windows. We decided to leave the decision to them, and we are so glad we did. The sheer size surprised us when we saw them in person. I’m excited for the windows to arrive on site from the Humphrey Window and Door Store. I hope whoever ends up living here likes natural light!

Limitless Construction said they would be back in another few days with two crews once they cleaned up some of their other projects. Looking forward to seeing that 2nd floor get built!

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