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Framing: Part 7 & 8

     January 9, 2015 0 Comments

Ready for a huge update?

Limitless Construction impressed us big time by working an entire weekend to get the second floor exterior and interior walls up. Yep. They’re that good. We had the windows scheduled for delivery from Humphrey Window and Door Store, and the truck couldn’t be rescheduled so the pressure was on! It was such a great sight to see when we turned the corner and saw the house.

house 1

Nice hey?

The shape is really starting to develop. Can you imagine the rounded arch over the front door? The huge bonus room window that will be? Need help remembering that window? No problem… the beast was delivered on site just as we got there! Right as we pulled up, the All Weather Windows truck was driving away. window truck

The Humphrey Window and Door Store is a supplier of All Weather Windows, and we are very happy with our purchase. I’ll go into the specifics of why we went with this type of window over another brand in another post. For now, just admire that gigantic piece of glass!

house 2

The crew had brought all the windows inside the house so they were protected from the wind and ready to be installed.

windows windows 2


Since we want to share only the best pictures with you as this house gets built, we braved the ladder to the second floor for some action shots.

interior walls

As you can see, the exterior walls are (mostly) up and the interior walls have also been started. The process is the same as the main floor, where the exterior walls are framed first then the plywood is attached. The entire wall is then lifted into place, nailed and supported against shifting/wind with a temporary stud on the inside. The stud braces the wall and prevents it from falling or moving.

The wall in the picture below has been framed and just needs the plywood on the outside attached. Once that is completed, the windows will be cut out and the wall will be mounted to the rest of the house, completing the exterior walls! This wall is actually the window wall in the master bedroom. There are two windows on either side of 3 small transom windows that will go above the bed. master wall

We are so impressed with Manny and his crew and their hard work. They worked hard to meet our schedule and have been great to work with.

manny and dan

Good work guys!!

Next steps include the roof, installing the windows and all of the finishing details like the arches and exterior details.

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