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Framing: Part 9

     January 13, 2015 0 Comments

The house is almost a house. Yep – the roof is going on! We’ve been in a state of shock since we realized that the house is nearing lock up. Just a few more steps, and the house will be weather-proof. To get there, the roof needs to be completed, windows and doors installed and architectural details completed.

Limitless Construction had a great head start on the roof trusses before we got on site. The true size and height of the house can now be imagined, and it’s quite impressive.

house 1

As you can see, Manny and his crew have nearly all the roof trusses on. There is still another peak to go over the bonus room, but that will be completed by the end of the day.

roof 3


The crew has also started to work on the arch detail over the front door. This area is quite intricate as KRN Residential Design designed it in a way that the arch radius matches the radius of the bonus room window. The front door is also centered below the arch. It’s important that the plan is executed so that the final look of the house is right. Don’t worry – that white door is temporary. We put in a temporary door so that the real door (super fancy from Sunview Windows and Doors) wouldn’t be damaged during construction.



And lastly, some of the windows have been installed! We can’t believe the size of the windows in the dining area and living room. They are huge. They are almost the size of a door. And they open for air flow. We’re very happy with the windows we ordered from The Humphrey Window & Door Store.


The crunch is on to have the roof sheathing completed so that our roofer, Canridge Roofing, can get on site and start shingling. Sound Solar Systems, the company installing solar panels, also needs to get on the roof to install braces for the panels. We’re crossing our fingers and toes that the weather holds out and the construction stays on schedule!

Are you building a house? What stage was the most exciting for you before completion? 

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