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Garage Slab

     May 19, 2015 0 Comments

Work has begun to get the garage floor prepped for concrete! We hired Bouss Construction to complete this concrete flatwork (he also did the slab in the basement).

The first step was thawing the ground. We had to break the frost in the ground, so a frost fighter was brought on site and ran for about 48 hours.

frost fighter

Once the frost level was thawed, Bouss and his crew could begin the ground prep work. Following the same process as the basement slab, Bouss started by levelling the ground and bringing in crushed rock. As a reminder from the basement slab post, crushed rock is used for a few reasons:

1. Level surface: crushed rock won’t erode and shift over time. It is also easy to grade and ensure a flat surface is made for the concrete slab.

2. Drainage: crushed rock creates a barrier between the concrete slab and the damp earth. Concrete is porous and can absorb moisture, so the crushed rock helps prevent this and encourages proper drainage.

3. Shifting: as the ground shifts, the likelihood of having concrete cracks is reduced if the proper installation methods are followed, including the crushed rock.

Once the crushed rock was leveled out in the basement, a plastic vapour barrier was installed. The vapour barrier helps prevent water vapours in the ground from reaching the concrete slab.

And lastly, rebar. Rebar is woven horizontally and vertically to provide more strength to the concrete.

garage prep

The next step was to bring in the concrete!


The concrete is spread out and levelled over the surface. There is a drain in the centre of the garage, so the edges all slope towards the centre should any water get onto the surface. Once smoothed out, the concrete needs to harden and cure. Heat is pumped up again and kept inside the garage.

One thing I didn’t get a picture of was Bouss Construction working at midnight to finish up the slab. Once the concrete had almost completely hardened, he used a power trowel to give the slab a nice polished look. Well done!

For any concrete work, be it basement foundations or flatwork, be sure to get a quote from Bouss Construction! Check out their new website for more information.

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