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House Siding

     March 19, 2015 0 Comments

The day has arrived! Work has begun on the exterior of the house. Jorge and his crew from Stucco Industries started the prep work for the stucco that will soon be applied! We’ve been patiently waiting for the weather to give us a break, and that break is here.

Jorge had his equipment brought on site to start this project. A lift is used to raise the crew member to the area he is working on.


First step, the crew wraps the entire house with Typar wrap. This wrap is to provide a barrier between water and the framing of the house.


The house was wrapped in about two days. These guys are experienced and know what they are doing!

wrap 3

Once the wrap is completed, we are installing a layer of insulation. This house will certainly be energy efficient!

As the days go by, I’m closer and closer to selecting the final colour of the stucco. My mind has been racing these past few days, trying to imagine what the house will look like. Jorge just needs me to make up my mind so he can get everything ordered!


Good work guys!

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