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I have the POWER!!!!!!!

     March 3, 2015 0 Comments

(Note: Dan named this blog post, not me. It’s from He-Man 1987…)

Anyway, back on track..

We were pumped to see DC-10 Systems and Sound Solar Systems up on the roof installing the solar panels! It was the highlight of our week.

First step was getting up on the roof. The crew set up a ladder, attached to the house for security, and made their way up to the roof. Each person was also harnessed to a safety hook.


Once they were on the roof, the track system went in. The track system is installed to hold the panels in place.


We had four tracks installed since there will be two rows of solar panels. Once the tracks were all in, the ends were cut off and the crew was ready to put in the panels!

all brackets

So exciting!

solar panels

The job went very quickly. The crews used a zoom-boom to haul the panels up to the roof. Great care was taken since the panels are expensive.

Dan wanted to get up on the roof to see the action up close, which was great, because I was comfortable hanging out on the second floor.

dan on the roof

Everyone was so excited about this project and getting the panels up. Sound Solar Systems hired a professional photographer to be on site to take some nice pictures!

smiling crew

Once the panels are all up, SaskPower will come by and do an inspection. After the net meter is installed, we will be ready to harness the power from the sun!!


Great work everyone! We’re so fortunate to be working with such professional, friendly and responsible businesses.

solar panels 2

For more information about solar energy, be sure to check out Sound Solar Systems. We also highly recommend DC-10 Systems as electricians – they truly go above and beyond.




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