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KRN Residential Design (to the rescue!)

     March 25, 2014 4 Comments

I love looking at house plans. Some people think it’s a headache, but I like to imagine a layout, furniture placement and small details. Very rarely though do I find a floor plan that I like without making any changes. There’s always one room that is too small, or a wall that I think should be moved. When we first began dreaming about this house, I spent hours scouring the internet’s free floor plans trying to find the right one. I spent a lot of time playing around with the layouts, asking my husband which options he liked the best. To some, this is a waste of time, but to me – it was fun!


Imagine my excitement when we booked a meeting with KRN Residential Design to discuss a floor plan.  We walked into their office, not sure what to expect, and were pleasantly surprised with the ease of the planning process. We sat at a comfortable table and had the eyes and ears of 3 experts in the industry. General questions were asked like how many bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet we wanted. Our answers were scrawled on notepads, starring important must-haves and must-not-haves in our house.  Bonus: my MS Paint floorplan wasn’t entirely a wasted effort – it acted as a jumping off point regarding the open layout.

I love the enthusiasm and passion they have for design. At one point they lost me in conversation when they got excited about an idea, started using jargon and talking about how they could make the foyer sunken but still maintain the same ceiling height in the basement by using different boards or something and this would improve the curb appeal of the front door… did I lose you? That’s ok…they said it would look awesome. They brought my attention back into focus when they said suggested a coffered ceiling in the master bedroom.

After 60 minutes of discussing our floor plan, the meeting was adjourned. The team had everything they needed from us to get started on a floor plan, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with! Once we get the plan back, I can make further tweaks until the plan is everything we want.

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KRN Residential Design has been creating custom designs for over 15 years in Regina and is a member of the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association. The team of professionals can help put your ideas on paper, ensuring both function and beauty in every room of your house.  Be sure to check out their profile page on our website to learn more about this locally owned company.



About the Author
I have a passion for the arts, cooking, vintage pieces and DIY projects. I enjoy mixing patterns and colours to make a space my own. I love supporting local businesses and participating in the growth of our community. I laugh and play every day with my wonderful and loving family. Regina is a place that I am happy to call home.

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  1. Jorge says:

    Is it expensive to work with them?

    • mm Lauren says:

      The price is based on a variety of factors. The larger the house, the more expensive it is to have designed since there is a price component directly related to square footage. Having said that, it’s an investment in your home whenever you create or add something custom.

  2. Michelle says:

    My friend used them. She said they were great

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