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Landscaping Designs

     October 23, 2014 0 Comments

Ready for another real-life This or That? Last week you helped us decide which basement option to go with and this week, we’d appreciate your help with landscaping designs. We traded for the landscaping design via the Trade For It contest. The winner of the contest was The Classic Landscape Company.  In exchange for the $500 gift card to the Rider Store, we are receiving a landscaping design for the entire property.

We met with Kristi (one of the owners) to discuss a plan of action. We went over our property drawings, indicated where the deck would go and what kind of elements we thought would go in the backyard, like a kid’s play structure and a hot tub. We’re trying to imagine a backyard that would appeal to the majority of people, so low maintenance, relaxation and entertainment areas were things we wanted. Kristi came back with two plans.

Option 1

landscaping option 1

I know the font is hard to read, but you get the general idea. The front yard has some black rundle rock in the flower bed, and river rock in the majority of the area. A couple of Amur Maple trees are on the side to provide some colour and interest for the side of the house. In the back, you can see the dining area on the deck, and a hot tub to the left. There is another sitting area for more casual visits, and a firepit. There is both a patio stone area, and artificial turf area. We included a couple of 4×8 garden boxes for vegetables and herbs. Along the back of the fence are trees and shrubs, creating a beautiful landscape. The kid’s play structure is located in the bottom left corner.


Option 2

landscaping option 2

I asked Kristi to create more privacy along the left side and bottom of the property line. This property has neighbours on the left and at the back, so to create some privacy and eliminate the view into other backyards, trees were added. What do you think? Is privacy along the neighbour fence important?

What are your favourite trees? What do you think of a patio area and firepit? Real grass, or artificial turf? Would you like this backyard if it were your own? Would you go with Option 1, or Option 2, or something entirely different?

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