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Let there be light!

     March 24, 2015 0 Comments

We stopped by the house and got chatting about potlights with our electricians, DC-10 Systems. We have two options for potlights: your standard potlight where all parts are purchased separately and assembled, or an all-in-one LED potlight. You can probably guess which one we went with!

Nathan and Byron hooked one of the LED potlights up to an electrical wire temporarily so that we could see what the light would look like. We wanted to make sure it didn’t cast the harsh white light. When purchasing these all-in-one units, the lightbulb can’t be changed; you either buy white light or soft light. The soft light glow was just right!


I think there are 50-ish potlights in the house, or something crazy like that. I’ll have to count them one day. Either way, going with an energy efficient LED potlight was the right move.

We also had Rocky from Rocky’s Bobcating Services on site to fill in the trench around the exterior of the house. The trench was made to connect the electrical wires from the SaskPower meter to the electrical panel.


rocky and dan


The house is certainly starting to look good! Everyone is pulling together to get their piece of the puzzle completed. Jorge and his crew (Stucco Industries) have go the house wrap nearly completed and in no time the insulation will be up.


Good work everyone!

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