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     November 25, 2014 0 Comments

We’re nearing the time that the order for lighting needs to go in… yikes! There are hundreds of lights to choose from at Pearl Hardware so this won’t be an easy task. Fun? Yes. But easy? Nope.  I haven’t made my final decisions yet, but thought I’d share some of the pieces that have grabbed my eye so far.

To begin my search, I decided to focus on two areas: the dining area and the kitchen island pendants. These two areas are highlighted in the image below. Since the two areas are side-by-side, it makes sense that the lighting would be coordinated. I want the lighting to compliment each other, but not be matching. The circles with ‘P’ that you can see on the floor plan represent the potlights.

dining room electrical

One idea that came up after some discussions with Anex Interiors (our decor specialists) was to have two pendants hanging over the dining room table. It will of course depend on the light fixture, but two lights over the dining room table is definitely a possibility since the area is quite large at 14’6″ x 10’6″! Which adds the second reason to make this decision – our electricians, DC-10 Systems, would need to know as soon as possible since they will be wiring the house in the next 3 weeks.

So, without further ado, here are some of my top picks at the moment. Our goal is to create a unique and beautiful space. If you’ve been paying attention to the fashion and decor world, you will have noticed that gold is making a huge comeback.

lighting 2


So, what do you think? I’m really liking the mercury glass in the Frappe Oval Chandelier. The Confetti Cube Pendant is also really neat!

light positions

The image above shows the alternative lighting positions I’m considering. We could have 3 potlights with two pendants (blue squares = pendants, black circles with P = potlights) over the dining room table. Anex Interiors recommended staggering the pendants over the island (rather than equally spacing them out) and having them hang at different heights. I think it would be amazing as long as we choose the right pendants. All of these unique touches will make the House Trade Built really stand apart from other homes. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for!

I’ll be stopping by Pearl Hardware again this week to go through the lighting books and refine my top picks. It’s overwhelming, but I feel like once I get these two decisions made (dining room and kitchen island) the rest of the lighting for the house will come together easily. Fingers crossed!

How do you select your lighting? Are you a fan of the gold trend? Do you like the traditional chandeliers with the imitation candles, or pendants?


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