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Mike Beatch – Property Search Advice

     May 20, 2014 0 Comments
We recently had the opportunity to meet with a real estate professional who gave us some property advice. We thought we would pass his advice along to you, in case you’re in the same position we are with choosing an area in the city. He’s very knowledgeable about Regina real estate, and was able to help us narrow our focus. Without further ado, let me introduce you to Mike Beatch, a Regina realtor with the JC Realty team at Royal LePage.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Lauren and Dan to help them navigate their property search.  Dan and Lauren gave me a list of properties they were considering in different areas of the city.  They had some concerns about resale potential later on down the road, as well as wanting to be close to a school, close to shopping and have parks nearby to enjoy since the House Trade Built is being built to appeal to a family.  We had discussed the Harbour Landing development in the south of Regina,  The Greens on Gardiner in the South East of the city, and Sky View located at the far North end of McCarthy Boulevard. 

Our discussion started with some of the pros and cons with living in new developments.  Sky View had some great things going for it.  It is a development where the lots are wider than the average lot in other new areas.  It looks like a development that will hold its resale due to the size of homes being built there.  We had discussed the possibility of the school being built not to far away in the near future.  In the end, there were some pretty big detractors for them.  The property they were considering was a bit of a walk if ever you needed to grab a bus.  The development is also a long drive from the East end, South End and the down town core.  Shopping along Rochdale wasn’t too far, but still a little bit of a jaunt to get to during certain hours of the day.


The Greens on Gardiner development is a new area in the East end. It has a large park, which is a great thing. The Greens are home to many different styles of homes, condos, and town homes.  Shopping is relatively close by the area.  A quick shot down Arens Road and on to either Univesity Park Drive or Prince of Wales Drive, and you can find most of what your family will need.  The area is booming and looks like it will continue to have growth for some time.  There has been talk about a newer school being built in the area.  Some of the downsides Lauren and Dan considered were the parks play structures and how it is geared toward older children and again, the bus route which is a little bit of a trek from the location they were considering.  They also felt that the driving in rush hour to get to down town and back home would be really hectic as there are only a couple arteries that lead into the area.

The last area we discussed was Harbour Landing.  A few of the cons for them was the fact that the new school has not been built yet, but should be done in a few years time.  A lot of people had told them that noise from the airport would bother them, but after talking to some residents and spending time out in the area, they realized that they rarely are disturbed by the planes.  Harbour Landing had a lot going for it, though. Bus stops are close by to where the property that they are considering, and there are four different parks within a fifteen minute walk. Lauren liked how close it was to the shopping on south Albert Street as well as the Grasslands area. Dan thought that commuting time could be shorter because of the quick access to the Ring Road and Lewvan Drive.

Choosing a property can be a hard decision. My best advice is to make a list of pros and cons that you look for in an area, and determine which property will suit your needs the best. Regina has a lot of great new developments to choose from with many different amenities and features. If you need any help finding a property or selling a home, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  You can find more information about me on my business profile page on this website.

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