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MS Paint Me A Floorplan

     March 20, 2014 0 Comments

It’s not a secret that I get really excited about new projects and ideas. It’s also not a secret that I can get carried away very easily.

As soon as we started talking about a house project, I jumped onto the internet to look at houses for sale. We didn’t know if we were going to renovate an older home or build new so the possibilities were endless. We have renovated a couple of homes in the past so seeing through the dated paint colours and walls that can be (re)moved isn’t a big deal for us.

House Renos

Don’t get us wrong, we will always love the character of old homes and the beauty in a developed and landscaped community. I love those tree-lined streets, especially in summer when it’s a green canopy over your head, or in fall when the leaves start turning, or in winter with the hoar frost. But the challenge of building a house from the ground up is too appealing to pass up.

I found quite a few floor plans online but none of them were perfect. Enter Paint. I took screenshots of the floor plans, opened them up in Paint, and went to town with moving walls and adding tweaks here and there. We also drafted a plan based on our interpretation of a house we saw online with no actual floor plan listed but enough pictures that we could figure it out.

MS Floorplan


My skills at this point leave a lot to be desired. The professionals who actually design plans would laugh at me. But hey, the thought is what matters, right? Plus, I’m having fun.

PS… the blue squares are windows 😉






Do you dream about floor plans? Have you renovated a room lately, or your entire house? What paint colour drives you crazy?

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