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Pebblestone Flooring

     April 20, 2015 0 Comments

We met with the owner of Pebblestone Flooring, Jon, at the house to take a peek at some of his product samples. We will be installing pebblestone flooring in a few different areas of the house, both inside and out. We are thinking of installing this product in the basement bathroom/laundry/bar area, mechanical room, exterior back deck and front door deck.


As you can see, there are quite a few samples to choose from. But wait – don’t see the exact colour you were hoping for? Since the product is mixed on site, any colour combination can be made by changing the ratios of stone colours.

The reasons we like this product are as follows:

1. Affordability compared to composite decking for the exterior surfaces.

2. Ease of maintenance and cleaning.

3. Brings colour and texture to a space.

4. Ease of install. Rather than installing tile in the basement bar area, this product will be installed and completed in one afternoon. No cutting, setting, grouting, etc.

We’ve set a date for the install and just have to select our final colours now. Looking forward to it!

For more information about Pebblestone Flooring, visit their website.


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