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Piles completed

     November 19, 2014 0 Comments

I promise I won’t play music when I blog anymore. I had my version of Shake It Off stuck in my head all day. I apologize if you still do.

Once the holes were drilled by Bergen Excavating, Safrane Construction came in and filled them with cement and rebar. We weren’t on site when the concrete was poured, but here’ a few pictures of the end product!


You can see the outline of the double garage now that the piles are in.

piles piles 2











Bergen Excavating also drilled the holes for the piles supporting the back deck and the front porch. These piles are different from the others as they have a cap. The others (for the garage and basement) have rebar that is incorporated into the footing.

deck piles

Once the cement has had enough time to cure and solidify, the frames for the footing can be built. Pictures to follow!

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