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     March 9, 2015 0 Comments

Now that the house is officially at lock-up, work can begin on the inside! Lock-up means that the house is weather proof (ie. shingles are on, windows are in) and is now a secure building since the doors lock.

There is a rather large list of things that must be completed before drywall can go on (a huge milestone to making a house feel closer to completion) but we are tackling them one by one.

To begin, we had Myl Hi Plumbing and Heating come in and start their work. Myl Hi will be taking care of all of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and plumbing for the house. These two stages (HVAC and plumbing) can be separated into different companies, but we preferred working with one for a couple of reasons:

1) Ease of scheduling. The crew was left to make their own schedules between themselves for installation. Sometimes when you start working with multiple companies that all have work intertwined with each other, delays in schedules can occur and it can be frustrating.

2) Expertise. Myl Hi is a large company that has a team of experts. We felt very comfortable with this company, knowing that they would be doing the job properly, every step of the way.


As you can see, the first thing to go in are the drain pipes and toilet flanges. We had a walk-through with Myl Hi to discuss locations of drains and toilets to ensure everything was plumbed in the right place. We appreciated this extra step because we had made a couple minor changes that weren’t reflected on the floorplans, like the swing of a door and the master vanity going from a double sink to a single sink.

plumbing 2 plumbing 3


Once all of the drain pipes were installed, they were tested to ensure there were no leaks. An inspector also came by and gave us the a passing grade and “go-ahead” to continue with the plumbing. These inspections are crucial to make sure things are being done properly, step by step.

DC-10 Systems, our electricians, also started to their work on the inside of the house! The first step of the electrical work is to place all of the light switch and plug boxes. This is an important stage at which homeowners should have a walk through with their electricians to decide if the locations are right, or if anything should be moved. Moving a box at this stage is MUCH easier than moving it once it’s been wired. Something on paper may look okay, but once you’re standing in the space, things can look entirely different!

Take our upstairs hallway between the kid’s bedrooms, for example. There is a potlight in this space, controlled by two switches. Each bedroom has a lightswitch outside the door to control the light. The original placement was on the wall backing the jack and jill bathroom. It made sense on paper, but once the rooms were built, I realized this wall would be better suited as an artpiece wall, or a large mirror and lightswitches aren’t exactly pretty to look at.

electrical switches

As you can see from the image above, I moved the light switches to the opposite wall, tucked into a otherwise blank corner. A little change like this was simple for DC-10 Systems to do, and left the main wall open for something pretty.


On the main floor, wiring began. Wires are fed through the joists and floor to all of the outlets throughout the house. All of these wires begin in the basement in the mechanical room. It may not look like a lot yet, but just wait and all of these wires will start making sense as electricity is brought into the house!

We’re very happy to be working with DC-10 Systems. They are a small locally owned business but their expertise and knowledge is incredible. We will be seeing a lot of them over the next few months! That’s something that is interesting with building a house – some companies are done within a day or two, and once their piece of the puzzle is complete they have no reason to return. Others, like our electricians, need to come back multiple times throughout the duration of the project.

All in all, we’re very excited to begin work on the inside of the house. It’s definitely frigid, but we’re hoping a temporary furnace can be installed soon to keep our crews from freezing.

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