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Revised Stairs

     May 27, 2014 0 Comments

So, I went back on my word of not revising the interior floor plan. I’m sorry. I had to. You’ll understand.

I started imagining what we would do for the stairs (carpet, hardwood, stair runner?) and all I could think of was a giant V like this:

stair y

I started thinking of the number of steps, and wanted to know if there would be a way to reduce them. The answer was yes; it involved adding winding stairs instead of having a large landing.

modified stairs

We decided to go ahead and make these changes. We went with 2 winding stairs, resulting in 3 stairs up to the bonus room and 5 up to the bedroom floor. So the V is now a checkmark.

stair y

Sorry for the extra work, KRN Residential Design…. we heart you. Thank you for putting up with us.

So, hardwood, carpet or a stair runner on steps? Tell us what type of flooring you like in a house. Carpet in the bedrooms? Hardwood throughout? Anyone doing any major renovations?

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