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Sewer Connection

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     November 11, 2014 0 Comments

Before the backfill could be completed around the entire foundation, Bergen Excavating  had to complete the sewer connection. The guys make a trench from the sewer pipe on the house and connect it to the city line at the street.

sewer hookup

Once the connection is made, gravel is poured on top, and then dirt. The gravel prevents the pipes from being smooshed by the weight of the dirt. The backhoe is used again to fill in the gap and to compact the dirt.

When the backfill is complete, the city is notified and an inspector comes out. Lucky us (though we never had any doubt since Bergen Excavating is so experienced and professional!) we got the approval.


Next step is drilling the piles, pouring the grade beam and getting a ‘Real Property’ report.

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