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Spray Foam Progress

spray foam featured
     April 7, 2015 0 Comments

The Spraywest crew continued to install the spray foam insulation and have now completed the roof line and attic spaces. The house sure feels a lot better without all the drafts!

insulation roof

We pulled the sun tunnels through the trusses so that they are in the right area to be cut through drywall once we’re at that stage. We got the sun tunnels from the Humphrey Window and Door Store. Sun tunnels are most often used in spaces with no natural light. They direct sun from the roof through a mirrored tube and deliver it to an area in your house that could use a bit more light.

sun tunnel 2

The flexible tubes allow you to bend the tubes a bit if you need to weave through trusses. They are a pretty neat product!

sun tunnel

The exterior of the house has also seen a great deal of progress. The wrap is nearly completed by Stucco Industries and the rigid insulation will be installed soon.

house wrap

The area by the front door with no wrap will be covered with cedar planks. The arch and columns will be a stone product and the rest is stucco! It’s starting to look like a real house!


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