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Lack of Lots

     April 2, 2014 0 Comments

Ugh, finding a vacant lot is A LOT harder than we imagined. We’re finding that most properties are owned by home builders, and very few of these home builders will build a house to lock-up (which is what we are wanting to do). Zero of the ones we’ve contacted are willing to just sell us a property (for obvious reasons, I know). Other options are buying infill lots, but those are extremely rare to find in a good area at a reasonable price…$150k for a 25′ lot? no thank you! The last option on our list is buying a house and tearing it down.. which just won’t happen because that’s not in the budget.

To add to our list of challenges in finding a home builder to work with, we want one that is flexible and allows us to use our own contractors for the excavation and windows because we can get those products and services through the Tradebank Regina network. We do have one lead on a property in the North end of the city, so cross your fingers for us!

Have you built your own home? Without naming names, was your experience a good one? Which area would you live in if you had your pick?

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