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Exterior Finishes

     July 24, 2014 0 Comments

Well, anytime I start daydreaming about this house, I try to imagine what the outside will look like. We are going to add interest to the exterior of the house by mixing different materials like stucco, stone and a ‘faux’ cedar board. Kelly from KRN Residential Design is going to make a 3D rendering of our house, so I’m looking forward to seeing that in the next few days! It’s one thing to look at a house in black and white, and another to see what it could actually look like in real life.

We will be getting the stone products for the house from Timberstone Regina. Their product range is truly incredible. They also carry a ton of product in stock so that when contractors need a product immediately, it’s available. If you’re doing any type of stone work, be it inside or out, you should go see their storefront. They also carry a line of backsplashes for kitchens and baths, as well as flooring like marble and ceramic tiles.

Lane Enterprises will be applying the acrylic stucco work for us. Jorge, the owner, has been a member of Tradebank since we started the business. We made a large presentation to a group of business owners and when we were done, Jorge was the first to jump up and tell us he wanted to join Tradebank. We’ve seen his finished product, and we’re impressed with the work he does.

I’ll be stopping by the Humphrey Window and Door Store to check out their aluminum siding that looks like wood. We like the idea of an aluminum application so that we don’t need to worry about fading or re-staining. We’re all about the low-maintenance to zero-maintenance products.

Exterior Option 1

So, what do you think of this colour combination? We want to stay away from beige, just to be different. We are drawn to greens and blues, and in the paint book I picked up this ‘Sage’ did look green.. but after staring at it on my computer screen for awhile, it looks a lot more grey. I know colours on computer screens vs. in person can vary greatly, so maybe we just need to pick a colour with more of a punch so that it’s quite obviously ‘Sage’.

I hired Anex Interiors to consult throughout the entire project, so I’m looking forward to seeing their exterior colour recommendations too. They’ve created some very beautiful and inspiring spaces, so I’m excited to work with them. If you haven’t already, be sure to stop by their new location on Broad Street! They’ve got some beautiful (and incredibly soft) rugs with neat designs and some truly great artwork that is always changing. #shoplocal

And just to leave you with something else for discussion, here are a few of the colours I went through before coming up with the above example. Let me know what you think!

Exterior Options


What colour of stucco would you do? Are red doors a thing of the past? 




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