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Electricians: DC-10 Systems

     May 28, 2014 0 Comments

Everyone knows a business owner, somehow. Whether it’s your neighbour, your friend or even yourself, you are somehow connected to our local business community. These connections are what lead us to DC-10 Systems. It turns out that my sister’s boyfriend’s band mate (have you heard of Nick Faye and the Deputies? Check ’em out!) just partnered with another electrician to start up their own company.


We had the opportunity to have coffee with Byron and Nathan earlier this week. What’s interesting about their electrical company is that they can also include home automation. They offer the whole package. Byron and Nathan immediately saw the benefit of Tradebank Regina for a few reasons:

  • new clients with immediate work (we sent them to a restaurant right after our meeting for a quick repair!)
  • great networking (they got the contract for another prestigious restaurant renovation)
  • lower cost on business start-up expenses like vehicle wraps, printing, embroidery and advertising.

Since they’re a new company and want to have a large crew one day, all of these expenses will be coming up. It’s better to pay in trade now, than with cash in the future!


Byron and Nathan also saw the unique advertising opportunity with House Trade Built. They’re going to give us a quote for both the electrical and automated system. We’re happy to have them in the network because electricians are always in demand. We run a network full of businesses in that are home-based, in office buildings or restaurants and they all need electrical changes or repairs at some point!


For more information about DC-10 Systems and how to contact them, be sure to check their profile page and website.



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