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Master Bathroom

     April 4, 2014 0 Comments

What do you look for in a master bathroom? Is it a separate tub and shower? A giant spa retreat with a lock on the door so you can escape reality for a few hours? A TV above the bathtub where you can soak and watch soaps? No bathtub at all and just a great spacious shower? A double vanity sink so your partner’s stuff doesn’t get in your way?

I pinned quite a few bathrooms that appealed to me, which can be seen on my Pinterest page. The images below are from the HouseBeautiful website (click an image to be redirected to it’s source).



When I imagine my ‘dream’ master bathroom, it’s spa-like. The colour scheme I imagine includes a lot of layered whites, greys and creams, with a few subtle hints of blue or green. A large shower and separate bathtub would be heavenly. A large vanity with plenty of storage. An open shelf to hold rolled towels. Beautiful natural sunlight coming in through a window or skylight. Space for a chair to drape a towel or bathrobe. Luxurious bath salts and candles. You get the idea. Spa-like.

One criteria we had when we met with KRN Residential Design was that the closet was NOT accessed by walking through the master bathroom.  We’ve seen this floor plan a few times, and it’s just not our taste. However, walking through the closet to get to the bathroom would be okay. Ideally, these spaces would have separate entrances, but if space didn’t allow for that, the latter option would be acceptable. When we got the floor plan back from KRN Residential Design, I liked the flow of the rooms but as mentioned in this post, something wasn’t right about the bathrooms.

I’ve been playing around with the floor plan and am at a loss of what we should do. Something just isn’t right, but I can’t figure it out. Second floor laundry was on our ‘wish list’, but maybe it’s taking up too much valuable space. Would it be too noisy anyway?There’s a lot to think about, but all I know is it’s time to leave this planning up to the pros! We have a meeting with Kelly and his team soon and look forward to seeing other options.

Master bathroom options

As I’ve mentioned before, we haven’t yet determined if this house will be one we move into. When the house is completed, we will look at our options and determine if it’s the house we want to live in or if it’s better for us to sell it. In the meantime, we will be building it as if it were our own in order to add personality and make it unique. We’ve seen enough show homes and open houses to know that a house needs something special about it to stand out among the rest. Our goal is to create the floor plan we would want to live in, and we hope that other people might feel that way this house, too.

Have you worked with a design team to create a floor plan before? Is walking through a closet to the bathroom strange? Do you like second-floor laundry or is in the basement preferable? What makes a house stand out from others?





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