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Automated Everything

     April 8, 2014 0 Comments

One of the companies I met at the Spring Home Show was Automated AV.

Automated AV 1

Andrew was friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. He showed me some of the great products at his booth, like invisible speakers, and sounded genuinely interested when I told him about the House Trade Built project. We’re interested in home automation because it simplifies everything. I’d much rather use one simple, yet incredibly powerful, app than have to flip through ten.

Dan and I met with Andrew yesterday to get more information about his company and a quote for our project. He showed us all of the options he had available and made recommendations based on our budget and needs. We decided that we wanted to put in good quality speakers throughout the house, automated lighting, security and heating.  It will be awesome to be able to control everything with a remote or phone. The idea of never being locked out or leaving a light on is great. What I love is that there won’t be cable boxes and cords everywhere. All of the entertainment units will be clean and uncluttered. Man, whatever happens to this house, the owners are going to be lucky.

There are a few different automation companies in Regina so we are going to get quotes from them as well. It’s always a smart decision to compare quotes, especially on large investments, so that you can make an educated decision that you feel comfortable with, knowing you did your research.  Once we have multiple quotes, we will compare systems (because everyone sells a different brand) and determine which one is best for us. We will base our decision on the system, the quote and the professional selling the product. After all, when you use automation in your house, you want to ensure that company will be around for the long haul in case something needs to be updated or changed.

Do you see value in having home automation? Is the ability to control your entire house from one app on your phone neat, or what?! 

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