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The roof, the roof, the roof is…. closed in.

     January 27, 2015 0 Comments

What did you think I’d say? On fire? That’d be unfortunate.

There’s been some great progress at the house! The roof sheathing has been¬†nearly¬†completed by Limitless Construction and we’ve scheduled Canridge Roofing to come in to shingle it.

roof sheathing

The arch is also well on it’s way to being complete. Things are starting to look good!

arch completed

Something did come up during the arch construction that was unfortunate, but Manny (Limitless Construction) brought it to our attention immediately and we’ve got a plan in place to solve it. Take a closer look at that arch in the picture above. Notice anything odd? Let me point it out for you.

garage roof

The garage roof line was designed to be wide, but unfortunately it makes the sight line of the arch funny from certain angles. It’s completely a preference thing – there’s nothing structurally wrong with it – but once it was pointed out to us, we couldn’t un-see it. Kind of like one of those optical illusions.

Manny brought the design to our attention and gave us his recommendation of cutting back the width of the overhang on the garage. The other option was bringing the arch down lower, but that would have been quite expensive and labour intensive. We decided to go with option #1 for ease, and Manny said he will also cut down the overhang on the other side of the garage so they match. He knows us so well!

In other news, Myl Hi Plumbing dropped off some of their plumbing supplies! They will be starting shortly which is rather exciting.

plumbing supplies

Manny and his crew have been busy installing the windows in the house. Here’s another view of the huge windows in the dining room and the transom windows in the master bedroom. We ordered the windows from the Humphrey Window and Door Store and couldn’t be more pleased. We’ve taken all the screens home with us so that they don’t get damaged or dirty while the house is under construction. If you’re building, I’d advise you to do the same!

dining room windows

windows master

Ah, sweet progress. We’ve been told the giant window in the bonus room over the garage will be installed tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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