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This or That? or that.. or that…

     January 28, 2015 0 Comments

I think lighting has been the hardest part of designing this house. Sure, the layout and room sizes were tough decisions too, but nothing makes a statement more than lighting. It’s something you notice as soon as you walk into a room. Is the fixture unique? Impressive? Boring? Ugly? Does it blend into the ceiling, or stand out to make a statement? Certain areas, like a dining room and foyer, deserve a light fixture that stands out and gives people a great impression of your home. Other areas, like a mudroom or hallway, need lights that blend in and provide exactly what their purpose is – light. I guess you could put a chandelier in your laundry room or broom closet if you wanted to be fancy like that, but that’s the fun of it – it’s 100% your decision.

We’ve got a meeting this week with Pearl Hardware to select our lighting. We’ve gone through the catalogs before and tagged way too many pages, but now it’s decision time. Lighting can take 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer) to arrive if it’s special order and we’re about 4-6 weeks away from needing it.

Here are some lights we’ve been mulling over for the children’s bedrooms on the second floor of the house.

lighting options

What I like about the lights are that they are different. They’re a little quirky and lend some interest to a small bedroom. However, they don’t steal the show. We want something different from the master bedroom as well, but that will be more on the fancy side of the scale.

The dining room and island lighting is the other area I’ve been focused on. These two spaces are side by side, so I’ve  been treating the lighting as one. The lights I was drawn to at first were fancy-schmancy and gorgeous, but I’ve since decided that something more casual (yet still striking) would be a better fit. One thing is for certain.. I’m being drawn to the gold finish. Gold is making a huge comeback and I want to include it in the house somewhere. Mixing metals is fun and a great way to stretch your comfort zone, just a little bit.

lighting options 3

I’ll be able to show you our final decisions next week, but for now, which would you choose?

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