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Trade For It – Winner of Round 2

     October 1, 2014

Well, another round is over! It was fun to see all the offers that were made for the $500 gift card to the Rider Store. We love that people are getting creative and coming up with items they think might interest us.

The nature of trading is simple – if you have something the other person wants and you want what they have in return, a trade could be made. Are the values the same? Are both items available immediately, or would one party have to hold a IOU? These are some factors that came into play when we made our decision.

Items that we were offered include:

  • 1995 Nissan Pathfindertrade for it picture
  • professional landscape design
  • professional photo of McCord grain elevators proior to them being demolished
  • $500 worth of professional photography services
  • maple bacon cupcakes for all of the crew
  • a case of girl guide cookies
  • custom built closet shelving in the master bedroom
  • a crocheted ninja turtle toque
  • Irish soda bread and Guiness beer
  • new Bulova watch
  • 500 days of good karma
  • a bag of men’s and women’s clothing to be donated on our behalf
  • Rider support from a Blue Bomber fan
  • plumbing services
  • 5.1 Pioneer receiver
  • pair of Seante Williams turf cleats
  • a camera
  • $500 worth of Tupperware
  • custom painting
  • box of baby necessities
  • Dremel saw max
  • red paper clip
  • babysitting services


After weighing the pros and cons of the items ¬†we were considering, we decided to go with……………………..


The landscaping design!


We wanted to trade for something that we could use immediately (the future closet shelving and plumbing services were tempting but we aren’t ready for them yet) and the landscaping design was something we could have done right away (even though we won’t be landscaping until spring). The landscaping design can happen at any time during the project and is something we were considering anyways in order to make the property appealing to the masses. The cupcakes and cookies were also tempting but we didn’t think our waist bands would like that trade.

All in all, we had fun, and hope you did too! Stay tuned for more great contests. Keep checking back on our Facebook page for updates!


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I have a passion for the arts, cooking, vintage pieces and DIY projects. I enjoy mixing patterns and colours to make a space my own. I love supporting local businesses and participating in the growth of our community. I laugh and play every day with my wonderful and loving family. Regina is a place that I am happy to call home.
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