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Transitional Masterpiece

     July 22, 2014 0 Comments

I had the opportunity to meet with the owner of Pearl Hardware this week to talk about the House Trade Built and what types of products we would need. We set up the house drawings in their design room and went through each room, determining the number of lights and fixtures required. It was great working with the owner because he has years of experience with construction and can recommend what works best in a house, right down to the details like the number of potlights to suit a large space or switch and chandelier placements.

If you’re designing a house, visit the Pearl Hardware showroom to get some advice on your electrical plan. Their advice is valuable and spot on. Plus, you’ll see some great examples of lighting or fixtures you can purchase to make a space your own.

We went through the showroom and I pointed out products that appealed to me. I’m strongly considering a farmhouse sink for theĀ House Trade Built, just because it’s so classic and beautiful. However, rather than matching it with a country-style faucet, the owner recommended adding some visual interest with a more modern faucet. Fun hey?

Keep in mind that we aren’t sure who will live in this house once it’s complete. Until we make that decision, we will be injecting the house with personality and unique features by choosing different design elements that will appeal to a broad range of people. We figure that if we build this house with care and attention to detail, someone will fall in love with it.

After looking at shower options (we’re going with 2 glass panels, no door) and bathtubs (freestanding or sunken??), I went through some lighting books. It’s never too early to start thinking about finishing details, in my opinion. By looking at lighting and smaller details like faucets, I’ve started to compose the overall look and feel that the House Trade Built will have. I knew how I pictured it, but wasn’t sure of the right ‘term’ to describe my tastes. Fortunately, the owner of Pearl Hardware and I share the same decor taste – Transitional. A mix between vintage and contemporary. Perfect. Now I can start looking for transitional inspiration on Pinterest.






Welcome to House Trade Built – A Transitional Masterpiece built by Local Businesses and Professionals. Has a nice ring to it.

What’s your design style? Do you like free standing tubs, or sunken? Sparkly chandeliers or modern ones? Gold, brass, bronze, nickle….what kind of finish do you like?

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I have a passion for the arts, cooking, vintage pieces and DIY projects. I enjoy mixing patterns and colours to make a space my own. I love supporting local businesses and participating in the growth of our community. I laugh and play every day with my wonderful and loving family. Regina is a place that I am happy to call home.
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