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Ultimate Insulation

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     April 27, 2015 0 Comments

While drywall was being put up on the main and second floor, spray foam insulation was being sprayed down in the basement by Ultimate Insulation Foam and Fire.

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We hired Ultimate Insulation Foam and Fire to apply the spray foam in the basement and garage. The crew took on the basement first and they were in and out in a day.

The spray foam is brought in to the house through a tube that is connected to the truck.

tube truck

The spray foam is pumped through the hose and comes out of a nozzle directed at the walls by the applicator. The spray then hardens and creates a dense insulation.

ultimate insulation

Care is taken to properly prepare the space before applying the foam to make cleanup easy. Tape is applied to each stud so that when removed the stud is clean and drywall boarding is much easier. The windows are also taped over with plastic so that any over-spray doesn’t stick to the glass.

We did manage to get a quick picture with the owner of Ultimate Insulation Fire and Foam before we let him get to work.

dan kirk

Thanks again Kirk for all of your great work! The house is now entirely insulated with high quality spray foam. Woo hoo!


*The reason we used two different companies to install spray foam insulation in the house is because both companies have been long-term members of Tradebank Regina and we wanted to spread the work around. Both companies were extremely professional and we highly recommend them. Ultimate Insulation was responsible for the spray foam in the garage and basement; Spraywest Inc. was responsible for the spray foam on the main and second floor, as well as the attic.

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