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Up on the Roof!

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     February 24, 2015 0 Comments

This was a very busy day at the house. We had four different companies at the house, all working together.

First, Canridge Roofing was on site to get started on the shingling! First step was laying down a paper/ice membrane. This membrane acts as a back-up to the shingles to prevent water from seeping through to the roof sheathing.


roof 3

Once this membrane was down, a drip edge is installed. A drip edge is a flat flange of material that extends over the gutters. The purpose of having the drip edge is to prevent water from dripping behind the gutters, which would lead to rotted sheathing and/or stained fascia and siding. In the image below, you can see the drip edge being installed over the roof of the garage.

roofing 2

Now that the membrane and drip edges are installed, the shingles can be started and secured into place. Before the actual shingles go on, the roofer begins with a starter strip. The starter strip is secured into place with nails and usually an adhesive backing. Once installed, the shingles can be placed in a staggered pattern creating architectural interest. In the past, shingles had to be staggered to prevent water seepage through cracks, but now, shingles are designed to not have potential cracks. They are manufactured in longer strips, like a rectangle, and off-set for a visual effect.

roof 4

As you can see, we went with a dark colour called Pewter Gray. The brand of shingles we chose is called GAF Timberline HD. These shingles have a lifetime warranty. Overall, we’re very pleased with the colour we chose, especially since we haven’t picked the final stucco colour and it’s safe to say that dark grey pretty much goes with anything. For more information on GAF Timberline products, be sure to contact Canridge Roofing.

Next up on the roof, we had the crew from Limitless Construction. They were cutting out the circles for the sun tunnels we ordered from the Humphrey Window and Door Store. These sun tunnels are a neat product. They have a highly reflective tubing that delivers sunlight from your roof all the way down to a specified room in the house. It’s a great way to brighten up a room with natural light where windows may not be an option. We are installing sun tunnels in the master ensuite, the jack and jill vanity area, and the hallway on the second floor. We focused on areas where natural light was limited.

Sun Tunnels

Lastly, DC-10 Systems and Sound Solar Systems were on site! DC-10 will be electrifying the house as well as wiring the solar panels. Sound Solar Systems is providing the solar panels and working along with DC-10 to ensure proper installment. These crews were on site to check on the progress of the roof and shingles, as well as coordinate the action plan. Temporary anchors were installed on the south side of the roof (where the panels are going) as a safety precaution for those working on the roof. Brackets for the solar panels were also installed through the shingles. It’s a huge task to coordinate the roofer, electricians and solar companies to all work together, taking turns completing a task before the other can resume or get started, but these companies were all professional and courteous of each other’s schedules.

DC and SSS

For more information about the SaskPower net metering rebate, be sure to check out this website or contact Sound Solar Systems directly to take advantage of this opportunity!

Do you have solar panels? Would you consider installing them on your house? What colour of shingles do you prefer? Ever heard of sun tunnels before?


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