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Welcome to House Trade Built! (Start Here!)

     March 18, 2014 2 Comments

How many times have you ever heard the phrase, “I’ll trade you?” How many times did the person wanting to trade with you have something you wanted in return? Traditional trading is hard, time-consuming and risky. It could take you many, many, hours to track down someone who is willing to trade with you and even then, that person you trade with could disappear and leave you stranded or refuse to honour the deal.

Did you know there is a private economy called Tradebank wherein trades happen every single day between local businesses that are easy, straightforward and documented? We use a private currency called TRADEdollars to simplify the trading process. These “credits” are accepted by all the members as a form of payment, therefore eliminating common problems of historical trading. No longer do you have to trade directly with the person requesting your product. Just do the job, accept TRADEdollars as payment and then go spend your TRADEdollars with whomever you choose in the network. In a nutshell, it’s a business to business barter network that helps business owners get new sales and save cash.

Sounds interesting, hey? In our world of Trade, we are always thinking trade first! And there you have it, the beginning of this story.

My name is Lauren and my husband is Dan. Together, we run Tradebank Regina. We have an adorable toddler, Leo, and have always lived in Regina, Saskatchewan. We like taking risks, working hard and supporting local businesses. As a social experiment and testimonial of how Tradebank Regina works, we are going to try to build a house on trade.  We will trade for every aspect of this house that we can, from digging the foundation to painting the walls. There may be cash involved because TRADEdollars can’t buy everything (like the land itself) but at every stage of this build, we will be thinking TRADE FIRST!

We haven’t yet determined if this house will be one we move into. When the house is completed, we will look at our options and determine if it’s the house we want to live in or if it’s better for us to sell it. In the meantime, we will be building it as if it were our own in order to add personality and make it unique. We’ve seen enough show homes and open houses to know that a house needs something special about it to stand out among the rest. Our goal is to create the floor plan we would want to live in, and we hope that other people might feel that way this house, too. Join us on this journey as we document the details of this project, profile great local companies and involve you, the reader, in the entire process.

About the Author
I have a passion for the arts, cooking, vintage pieces and DIY projects. I enjoy mixing patterns and colours to make a space my own. I love supporting local businesses and participating in the growth of our community. I laugh and play every day with my wonderful and loving family. Regina is a place that I am happy to call home.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Neat! Saw this on the news. good luck

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